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Want to explore the Pink City alone but concerned about safety and what all places to travel? Look no further! Here's a tailored Jaipur Solo Trip Itinerary that lets you explore the beauty of Jaipur- “The Pink City” intact in its magnificent forts, palaces, chaotic yet colourful markets and culture, even when you are travelling alone.

Before we dive deeper into how to travel Pink City solo, let’s discuss why you should even visit alone in the first place. So fasten your seatbelts & indulge in this exciting read-ride.

Why Solo Travel to Jaipur?

Travelling with your friends or family is of course amusing, but embarking on solo trips can also be equally fun-filled. Exploring alone can provide you with unique and unforgettable experiences to cherish. Here are some benefits of travelling solo:

  • It allows you to get out of your comfort zone & find interesting people during your trip. You can make new friends & memories that are worth remembering.
  • You might encounter people who might not be familiar with your language or vice versa. It will help you come out of your linguistic barriers & improve your language skills.
  • The best thing about any solo trip is you get to know yourself better. There is no better way to discover yourself & explore your personality than travelling & spending time alone.
  • Research has shown that travelling solo makes you happier in the long run. When you get out of your shell, you become more confident than ever.
  • If you are an introvert or shy kind of person all you need is a solo trip to Jaipur where nobody knows you. You are free to explore & discover the beauty around you on your own terms.

Solo sounds interesting now? We knew it. Now let’s step ahead and know how to plan a perfect Jaipur solo trip itinerary.

How to Explore Jaipur Alone?

If you feel anxious about exploring the Pink City alone, we suggest booking a solo trip to Jaipur, where you can discover the city alongside fellow tourists. You can book your trip with Dogma Jaipur Safari – India’s First Glass-Covered Double-Decker AC Bus with Restro Style Dining. Our trained & friendly staff, on-wheel amenities & not to mention a huge, premium & 360-degree safe tour vehicle – the bus itself, will get you all covered throughout your journey. Top of everything, the tour packages are so pocket-friendly that you don’t need to worry about the Jaipur solo trip cost. Wanna know what Dogma Jaipur Safari’s one-day solo tour itinerary looks like? Continue reading!!​


Your Solo Trip to Jaipur Begins Here


  • In the morning, head over to the World Trade Park – a premium shopping mall in Jaipur, conveniently accessible by private cabs or public transport. With its enormous blue glass-made façade, it is easily visible from a considerable distance. This shopping mall itself is a popular tourist attraction of the city and countless tourists come here daily to witness its eye-catchy architecture. Once you are here, the Dogma Jaipur Safari team will cordially greet & serve you a refreshing welcome drink and your much-awaited solo trail begins.

  • Heading forward, your first stop will be the Birla Temple, dedicated to the Hindu Deities ‘Lakshmi Narayan’. This ancient temple, built by the Birla Foundation, houses a stunning all-white architecture that adds to its charm. The walls of this temple hold various spiritual values. In addition to the temple, there are various shops available at the entrance of the temple wherein you can buy some artistic stuff that can always act as a lifetime memory.

  • The next destination you will explore is Amar Jawan Jyoti – the epitome of the bravery of soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the nation and were always there for the country. Its construction started after the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971 and was inaugurated on 26th January 1972 by then Prime Minister.

  • Moving forward, you will discover the Albert Hall Museum - one of the oldest museums with Indo-Saracenic Architecture dating back to 1887. It houses a versatile collection of artifacts such as paintings, jewellery, carpets, ivory, stone, metal sculptures, and crystal works, reflecting the rich past & historical knowledge. Interestingly, the museum was not meant to be a Museum originally but it became one.

  • As your solo trip to Jaipur continues, you will visit Hawa Mahal- the most picturesque location of Jaipur that will take away your breaths chill with its magnificent look comprised of its hexagonal-shaped architecture made up of red and pink sandstone. The ‘953 Jharokhas’ adds a lot to its appearance and people think it’s the front of this monument but fun fact it’s actually the back of the monument. Many rental turbans are provided which will make you look really elegant.

  • The next stop is Jantar Mantar- where Science & Art come together to keep the visitors intrigued throughout. It is an open-air astronomical observatory wherein 19 distinct instruments are kept. It also contains the world’s biggest Sundial. In addition to this, it has various gardens and plenty of space for you to sit and witness its captivating appearance.

  • Now comes City Palace - the royal residence of the Maharaja and Maharani of Jaipur, built keeping 'Vastushastra' in mind is a fine blend of contemporary Rajput and Mughal cultures. It flaunts a number of buildings, courtyards, galleries, restaurants, and offices of the Museum Trust. The standout feature for tourists is the blue-walled room called 'Sukh Niwas,' displaying intricate blue-coloured architecture crafted by skilled architects.

  • Wanna experience the unique tourist attraction, the next destination will let you. Jal Mahal - one of the rare tourist places wherein the palace is submerged in water with only one of its multiple stories visible. It is located in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake, offering a scenic view to visitors. Visitors can enjoy puppet shows, folk dances, shopping at various stalls, and even have their photos taken in traditional Rajasthani attire for a lasting memory.

  • The last but not the least, conclude your trip on a memorable note at the Amber Fort - a prime illustration of Rajput Architecture, infused with elements of Mughal Architecture, nestled on the Aravalli Range. It served as the residence for King Jai Singh and his royal household. Various in-house attractions such as Elephant Safari, Camel Safari, and Sheesh Mahal- the palace made up of mirrors add to the charm of this place. The antique architecture remains a major highlight, pleasing to the eyes with its beauty.


To Conclude

Jaipur is home to historic beauty & magnificence found in its renowned tourist spots. Being alone shouldn’t be a reason for you to miss this natural extravaganza, therefore, we ascertained how you can plan a solo trip to Jaipur without sacrificing safety or enjoyment. We also outlined a perfect solo trip itinerary that you will need to explore Pink City at your own pace.

As the next step, book your solo Jaipur travel with Dogma Jaipur Safari today & live your dream trip where desire meets experience.