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Heat Alert: Book Your Summer Holiday Tour Package of Jaipur without Inviting Heat Waves

We’re already into May, and summer is knocking on our doors. Most of the people get holidays during this time, and they want to enjoy it by touring the Best Places to Visit in Jaipur in Summer. But this sweltering heat and dry winds make it a daunting task.

You must have heard people saying not to visit Jaipur in this period as it is blazing hot. Fortunately, this isn’t true. Rajasthan, being situated near the Thar Desert, is hotter than other states of India, although it is not unbearably hot. Following a few tips & ideas can make your Summer Holiday Tour Package of Jaipur a memorable experience. So before the mercury rises even higher, let’s know what these tips are.

Is it Possible to Visit Jaipur in Summer?

What? Jaipur Tour in Summer? Not at all bro, just turn on the AC and chill!!

Have you also had this conversation with your friends? It’s not uncommon during this sun-drenched climate. Everyone would rather stay inside because of the hot and dry winds. However, Pink City is blessed with some impressive sights that will divert your mind from affecting the heat.

While exploring exciting sights without getting affected by endless heat waves, it is possible to visit the city in a relaxing and comfortable way. How? Continue reading to know.

Did you say AC Bus for Jaipur Darshan Tour?

In the scorching days of summer, ACs are a boon for everyone. And with portable ACs you can cool out your Jaipur visit as well. If you want to travel in these blazing days without having the flood of sweat, I have an idea for you. Just book your summer holiday tour package of Jaipur with Dogma Jaipur Safari. It is India’s First Glass-Covered Double-Decker AC Bus. It will become the shield between you and the heat.

Along with AC, there is a variety of benefits you get. I have compiled some of them here.

  • AC, of course: What is the main perk of Dogma Jaipur Safari in summers? It’s the AC of course. The misconceptions will be busted with the cool AC trip. Dogma Jaipur Safari limits all the unnecessary halts outside the bus to minimize the exposure to the sun during peak hours of the day.
  • Jaipur Night Tour is Saviour: If you are someone who wants to visit Pink-City without having the exposure of the sweltering sun then Jaipur Night Tour is a perfect choice for you. Starting your trip with the setting sun and ending at a cozy night, the Jaipur Night Darshan has everything for you. The fun and frolic will remain same but the clock hands will rotate.
  • Hydration On-Board: Being made of 60% of water, our body needs to be properly hydrated throughout the day. It becomes even more vital in the summertime. Dogma Jaipur Safari provides you chilling and refreshing drinks during your summer holiday tour package of Jaipur so that you can relish your trip without compromising your hydration.

So given above were some lavishing amenities of Dogma Jaipur Safari to make your Summer Vacations in Jaipur, more cozy and comfortable. Apart from the above, there are so many other benefits such as On-Wheel Kitchen & Washroom, Unlimited Fun & Music, Professional Drives & Staff, etc. that add to the thrill of your day.

Few more tips that will add to your fun in Jaipur Tour during Summers

So now we know that summer holiday tour package of Jaipur is possible with Dogma Jaipur Safari. We also acknowledge that precaution is better than cure, hence taking care of some tips will let you enjoy without any hurdle. So here we go.

  • Sleep Well: Sleep is a necessary part of our daily routine. It gives us fresh energy and excitement to start our day. It is advisable to have quality sleep one day prior to your tour. No one would want to feel sleepy and yawn throughout the day (Neither your co-tourists) while having the summer holiday tour package of Jaipur
  • Wear Light-Colored Clothes: Light-Colored clothes are considered the weak-absorbers of heat. Thus wearing light-colored clothes on your trip-day would be a wise choice. These types of clothes reflect the heat waves and keep you as cool as possible.
  • Don’t miss carrying the essentials: There are a variety of items that aid you during your tour. Hats are your forever buddy during any summer tour. Other items that do help you are Scarves, Umbrella, Sun Glasses, Wet-wipes, etc. Don’t forget to pack them when you leave for your tour.
  • Sunscreen, Sunscreen & Sunscreen: Like AC, sunscreen is also a boon for the summer season. Never forget to carry your sunscreen with you whether you are going to travel or outside for any reason. Applying Sunscreen before Jaipur Sightseeing will help you to reduce the side effects of excess sun exposure.

So these were some additional tips that will make your trip even more easy and more comforting. As we know that every cloud has a silver lining, so Jaipur Summer Trip has also some very beautiful moments to give you. You can feel this beauty by its core with Summer Holiday Tour Package of Jaipur at Low Prices as Dogma Jaipur Safari’s Jaipur Tour Cost/Price starts from 900/- Onwards.


The Bottom Line

Everything is fair in Love, War & “TOUR”. This quote applies in your Pink City Tour too. Though it is very hot in Jaipur during the blazing season, it should not keep you away from witnessing some finest instances of Rajputana Architecture, appealing sights, and rich past of the city. People who keep themselves away from booking summer holiday tour package of Jaipur, are actually missing out one among the best experiences of their life.

In this blog, we got to know that Traveling in Jaipur is possible in this torrid climate if one books the tour with Dogma Jaipur Safari. It gives you the chance to feel the unmatchable magic and touch the everlasting glory. Moreover, we knew some other tips that will make your summer holiday tour package of Jaipur nothing less than a cakewalk. So, let us know your Jaipur tour experiences in the comments, and be tuned in for our next blog.