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Came on a Jaipur Tour? Don’t miss these 5 activities and things to do in Jaipur in one day

Before booking any trip we anticipate never before fun with thrill and when it is a tour of Pink City – Jaipur, the anticipations are even higher. Everybody wants to make their tour worth every penny they spend and it is only possible by living every moment of your tour full of fun and excitement.

Jaipur is a charming composition of tradition, beauty, fun, ancient splendour, and whatnot. All these things make Jaipur unarguably one of the most sought-after cities in India. Crowded yet chaotic Pink City is the best way to feel history at its best. This widest variety of delights for the tourists, however, puts the visitors in the delusion of figuring out the Best Activities and Things to Do in Jaipur in One Day. Although it is a matter of difficulty to find out what are the best things to do in Jaipur when you are on your One Day Jaipur Darshan Tour, here is a list of that for you. Read throughout the blog to know more.

5 Best Activities and Things to Do in One Day Jaipur Darshan Tour:

Jaipur provides you with an array of enjoyments that make you fall in love with the city instantly. The welcoming gesture of the locals adds to the delight of your trip. There are many activities and things to do in Jaipur in one day that you can indulge yourself in. Let’s know what are they?

  • Stop & Shop:

    Jaipur is home to a vast street market and luxurious stores where you can find everything from a needle to a sword. Getting discounts on your shopping totally relies on how efficient your bargaining skills are. However, quality is something that Jaipur can vouch for. Local and street markets are the soul and the life of the city. These markets run the households of millions and host the tourists with their energetic vibes.

    Johri Bazaar of Jaipur is popular for its extensive collection of dazzling gemstones and sparkling jewellery. It flaunts jewellery made of silver, gold, diamonds, and other metals & stones. For a grounded feel, head to Tripolia Bazaar for spectacular Lac bangles. If you are fond of having exquisite footwear, then Nehru Bazaar is the choicest destination for you. It offers you a multitude of stylish & traditional Jaipuri Mojaris and Juttis. To shop for fashionable clothes, lavish fabrics, and trendy fashion accessories there is no perfect place than Bapu Bazaar. It is likewise a heaven for shopaholics. Other famous markets of Jaipur are Maniharon ka Rasta, Gopalji ka Rasta, Haldiyon ka Rasta, Gangauri Bazaar, Kishanpole Bazaar, etc. Do keep an eye on your watch during your shopping at Local Markets of Jaipur. Otherwise, you might lose the track of time.

  • Eat & Repeat:

    Alongside offering a grandeur tour experience and ultimate shopping feel, Jaipur excels in providing not only authentic Rajasthani food, but also the other various cuisines of India. The mouth-watering street food is something that keeps you craving throughout your Jaipur Day Out. A plate of Dal-Baati Choorma – the ideal Rajasthani food works like a magnet and attracts tourists from worldwide, just to eat it. Satiating your hunger with the delicious food of Jaipur should top your list of activities and things to do in Jaipur in one day.

    Jaipur Chaupati and Masala Chowk are the two famous open-roof eateries of Jaipur, where you can relish almost every street food, though to taste the authentic Rajasthani food you must go to the places like Gulab Garh or Chokhi Dhani.

  • Go & Explore:

    The best thing one can do during the Jaipur Sightseeing Tour is to witness the most charming and exhilarating Monuments of The Pink City. This brimming view remains in your eyes ever till you live. It is why most of the people do not hesitate to revisit Jaipur over and again. The colossal historical significance assures the name of some Tourist Spots of Jaipur among the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

    Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal & Albert Hall represent the rich heritage of the bygone era of Rajasthan whereas the World Trade Park is the epitome of the modern infrastructure of the Pink City. Jantar Mantar, Birla Temple, and Amar Jawan Jyoti add to the immeasurable delight of your tour at the same time.

  • Click & Flaunt:

    Photographs are the best way to retain the memories with you till eternity. A quick glimpse of a photograph takes you to that very moment it was clicked, without even moving an inch. In Jaipur, there are plenty of picture-perfect places that you can add to your cameras. Even a single day of Jaipur tour with a camera gives you enough beautiful pics to run your social media feeds for a couple of weeks or more.

    If we talk about the Famous Places of Jaipur for Photoshoot, then Jawahar Circle comes on the top. This place is the center of attraction for the people of Jaipur that even its residents come here several times a month just to click the pictures with this beautiful place. This does not end here as the Pink City has many more fabulous picturesque places such as Amber Fort, Jal Mahal, WTP (World Trade Park), Albert Hall, and more. So when on your Jaipur Hangout Tour, don’t miss clicking dazzling images as it is one of the top activities and things to do in Jaipur in one day.

  • Meet The Adventure:

    A tour will not be considered perfect until you have experienced the unique adventures of the city. Jaipur has a plethora of activities that aid you to indulge yourself with the thrill. Doing Adventure Activities in Jaipur is an inevitable part of every Jaipur Tour Package. No matter the duration of the tour, there are ideal activities for everyone. Even if you are on a one-day Hangout Tour of Jaipur, there are enough adventures waiting for you because Jaipur’s implicit tagline is everything for everyone.

    You can indulge yourself with cycling in the zigzag staircase of Nahargarh or the mazy round path of Jawahar Circle. Jaipur also gives you the opportunity to feel the air with hot air balloon rides. Jaipur’s water parks will be enough to give a refreshing experience to you during your summers in Jaipur, whereas hiking is a perfect option in winters. You also get the chance to mesmerize yourself with the natural beauty of Jhalana Leopard Safari alongside Elephant & Camels Rides of Jaipur.

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The Bottom Line:

Memories are the return ticket of the very moment you fully lived. To make it worth remembering, just do more of what makes you happy. Although there is no precise definition of what should you do during your tour, there are some best activities and things to do in a Jaipur Tour in One Day.

Hope you did like this blog and it will make your next tour even more mesmerizing. Stay connected, to read many more exciting blogs in the future.