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Top Interesting Facts about Jaipur Tourist Places you must haven’t heard



What if I give you a box and say that it is filled with various wonderful things open it and enjoy. Wouldn’t you be so excited? Let’s do it. So here the box is Jaipur and those wonders are the Tourist Places of Jaipur.


Jaipur is the epitome of historical beauty and do you know what I like the most about its history. Secrets, yes the secrets, some are found and some are yet to be found. Coming on our core topic, each of the tourist spots of Jaipur, reflects Pink City’s rich past, and in this unforgettable past lie secrets and mysteries. A day in Jaipur feels like a meeting with magic and revisits by tourists are uncommon here. Today in this blog, I have tried to compile some Interesting Facts about Jaipur Tourist Places Read till the end to indulge in this quest.


Deep Facts of Famous Places of Jaipur:

What were we talking about, yes the interesting facts about Jaipur tourist places? So if you have visited Jaipur before then you must be well-versed with the astounding heritage of the city and if not then let me give you a quick intro. Founded in 1727 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the chaotic Pink City excels in the top tourist places of India. Since its foundation is laid, Jaipur is adorned with a number of historical monuments, artistic palaces, ancient forts, places of science & astronomy, prosperous museums, and other alluring tourist places that promise to impress every viewer.


Alongside providing historical splendour and rich culture, every Tourist spot in Jaipur has a story to tell and facts to share with the tourists. So without wasting any more minutes, let’s know what are these interesting facts about Jaipur tourist places.


Birla Temple:

Jaipur has always been a place of tradition, devotion, and faith. The monuments of Jaipur contain religious values as much as they have historical values and Birla Temple also known as Lakshmi Narayen Temple is the finest example of this. But do you know that this place has been keeping an intriguing story with it? In 1998, the famous Birla family was well-known for constructing beautiful creations.

The contemporaneous king gave the land of the Temple to the Birla foundation at just 1 Rupee and the foundation of the temple was laid. Within no time the Birla foundation built the famous Birla temple of Jaipur. The temple also got its name from the Birla Family. Hence, it is known as Birla Temple.


Jantar Mantar:

Do you love Math? I know it is a personal question but our next fact is related to it. You must have seen people hating Math & Science during their academics but do you know anyone who has loved these subjects so hard that it took him to make a science observatory. You must be wondering right?

I am talking about Maharaja Jai Singh, the king who loved Mathematics and Science. He was inclined towards exploring and learning new things and all hail goes to his father who put this habit in his both sons in their early childhood. Not to mention this open-air observatory – Jantar Mantar is widely known all over the world and is also a UNESCO World Heritage. 


Albert Hall Museum:

“What’s meant to be will always find a way” and it really happens. Everyone, not only from Jaipur but all over India will be cognizant of the World Famous Albert Hall Museum. But do you know that this place was never meant to be a museum at all?

In 1876, when the Prince of Wales was about to visit Jaipur, the authorities were running out of ideas for the usage of the premises of Albert Hall and it was deemed to be a concert hall. Later, when the government used it to keep old art pieces and handicrafts here, a majority of people started visiting the place and it got recognized as a museum. The museum got its name from the Vitoria and Albert Museum of London owing to the mutuality of Indo-Saracenic architecture. This story is one of the interesting facts about Jaipur tourist places.


Amar Jawan Jyoti:

India has given birth to countless Braveheart Sons that have sacrificed themselves for their beloved nation. We can never forget the soldiers who gave their life for the sake of our freedom. And one of the Tourist Spot of Jaipur resembles Patriotism: The Purest Form of Love.

The flame of the immortal soldiers commonly known as Amar Jawan Jyoti was established by Ms. Indira Gandhi – The Prime Minister of India in 1972. This monument is the landmark for the Indian soldiers who lost their lives to safeguard our nation during the “Liberation of Bangladesh” in 1971. Such an inspiring story isn’t it. The light and sound show of Amar Jawan Jyoti makes it essential for you to book a Jaipur One–Day Tour and visit the pace.


How to Confront all these Facts with a Jaipur Darshan Tour Package?

So how were these interesting facts about Jaipur tourist places? Quite interesting, weren’t they? So envision that the thing which is that much intriguing only in reading then how fascinating would it be when you will experience it in front of your very eyes. This is only possible when you’ll visit and do Jaipur Sightseeing. And I don’t think you will hesitate to Book Your Jaipur Darshan Tour after knowing all these fascinating facts. 


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In a Nutshell:

The word history itself contains story and stories are made of facts, thus there are too many interesting facts about Jaipur tourist places. Some of them, I have mentioned in this blog and some I have left for you to find during your Jaipur Darshan Tour Package that you can spend during your Holidays in Jaipur. 


Jaipur is full of hidden gems adorned with beautiful places, with the interesting insights of this blog you can spend the Best Tour of Jaipur with Dogma Jaipur Safari. So rather than waiting just spend a day unraveling the interesting facts about Jaipur tourist places and be tuned for the next blog.